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    Hall Co Sheriff Gerald Couch

    Hall Co Sheriff supports Governor's pay plan

    Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch is endorsing Governor Nathan Deal’s proposal to increase by twenty percent the salaries for state law enforcement officers: the sheriff in Gainesville has written a letter in support of the Governor’s plan, which has been criticized by some local law enforcement officers around Georgia who say they should also see pay increases.

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    National News

    Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider


    Trump steps up attacks on Clinton

    In the aftermath of Monday’s first debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump on Wednesday turned up his attacks on the Democratic Party nominee, labeling Clinton “incompetent” and a “liar,” arguing that she has “failed at everything” in her political career.

    Top National Stories

    Black man shot dead by police near San Diego, probe underway

    California officer guns down man in 'shooting stance'

    The fatal police shooting of a black man who drew something from his pocket and extended his hands in a "shooting stance" happened about a minute after officers in a San Diego suburb arrived where a distraught man was reportedly walking in traffic, a police spokesman said Wednesday.