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    Oconee Hill Cemetery

    Forum on Oconee Hill Cemetery plan

    A public forum on a plan to extend the North Oconee River Greenway Trail into and through Oconee Hill Cemetery is set for this afternoon in Athens: it’s set for 5:30 at the Sexton House in the Cemetery in downtown Athens.

    National News

    Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider


    Trump, Clinton roll out new TV ads

    With Labor Day almost here – regarded by many as the ‘official’ start of the fall campaign for President – the campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have rolled out new TV ads this week, both taking sharp jabs at the other.

    Top National Stories

    North Carolina warily watching 2 tropical weather systems

    North Carolina warily watching 2 tropical weather systems

    A tropical weather system off the coast of North Carolina's Outer Banks is expected to strengthen in the next day, bringing winds up to 45 mph and heavy rains that could flood low-lying areas, officials said.