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National Govt & Politics
LIVE UPDATES: Republicans roll out GOP tax reform bill

LIVE UPDATES: Republicans roll out GOP tax reform bill

LIVE UPDATES: Republicans roll out GOP tax reform bill
Photo Credit: Jamie Dupree

LIVE UPDATES: Republicans roll out GOP tax reform bill

Republicans in the U.S. House rolled out their long awaited tax reform bill on Wednesday, vowing to quickly move it through the Congress, arguing it will help spur economic growth, job creation, and in turn bring in more revenue to Uncle Sam to deal with the growing federal deficit and debt. But the details quickly faced opposition from some key business groups, as well as GOP lawmakers, who worried about how the elimination of certain personal deductions would impact voters back home.

The GOP bill is 429 pages in all. Click on the link to read through the fine print.

And click here for a detailed analysis of the bill from the GOP. This document helps you understand some of the changes the GOP would make in this legislation, especially on individual deductions, many of which would be repealed.

The bill won't be named the "Cut, Cut, Cut Act," as some said was favored by President Donald Trump. Instead the official name is "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act."

Here's the latest on what we know about the GOP plan.

6:00 pm - I will end the updates on this blog by giving the link for the all-important financial impact of the various GOP proposals. This was put together by the Joint Committee on Taxation.

5:00 pm - Under the 'education savings' section of the bill, there is a provision that deals with 529 savings plans. One provision would let you start a college savings account for a child who has not yet been born.

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4:45 pm - While the Senate has not unveiled a tax reform bill as yet, individual GOP Senators are watching closely from across the Capitol, sending some warning shots back toward the House on specific provisions. One of those is on the Child Tax Credit, Which Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and others have been talking about for months. Rubio, joined with Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) in this statement; just one of many legislative skirmishes that this tax effort faces in the weeks ahead.

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4:30 pm - Are there still troubles on the GOP side? Yes, there are. A group of Republicans from New York and New Jersey are not pleased with the details involving changes on itemized deductions. But in interviewing GOP lawmakers in the Capitol today, one also gets the sense that Republicans know they can't screw this up - and that may keep them together, unlike on health care.

4:15 pm - If there is one thing to emphasize from today, it is the change that will occur for people who itemize their deductions. The standard deduction will go up to $12,000 for an individual, and $24,000 for a family, but then familiar deductions will be limited or repealed.

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3:45 pm - Democrats in Congress aren't exactly embracing the GOP tax plan. "It looks to be a giant giveaway to the wealthy," said Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA). President Trump says he hopes to win over some Democrats, but there isn't any evidence of that yet.

3:30 pm - Asking questions of GOP lawmakers about the new tax bill sometimes doesn't get much of a response, even from lawmakers who were involved in negotiations. "I haven't read the text," said Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX), when asked about one provision. Marchant said work on Wednesday night broke up late. "Around the 8th inning," he said with a smile, about the World Series.

3:00 pm - My boss asked me for my top bullet points about the GOP bill. It's sort of hard to distill a 429 page proposal into a few lines, but that's my job in radio news. So, this is what I went with. There is certainly a lot more in the GOP plan to talk about. You can find the links to the bill text and the section-by-section analysis above.

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2:45 pm - President Trump says he's very pleased with the details of the House GOP tax reform plan unveiled today, as he urges lawmakers to push ahead, and vote on the bill before Thanksgiving.

2:30 pm - President Trump name-checks H&R Block, by saying this reform bill will simplify the code so much, that tax preparation companies won't have much business. But others say the changes will more than keep lawyers and accountants active.

2:15 pm - Among the major changes in the GOP tax reform bill, an end to the Alternative Minimum Tax.

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2:00 pm - The changes on mortgage interest are of note; not only would it change the $1 million limit on a residence, and reduce that to $500,000 mortgages, but it also says it would only apply to a principal residence - meaning vacation homes wouldn't count.

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1:45 pm - While this wouldn't have much of a budget impact, there is a provision in the GOP tax reform bill which would no longer allow state and local governments to issue bonds for pro sports stadiums, where the interest gained on the bonds is exempt from federal taxes. That would save $200 million over 10 years.

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1:30 pm - Despite some talk earlier this week by GOP lawmakers and President Trump, there were no health care changes included in the bill which addressed either the individual mandate of the Obama health law, or Obamacare in general.

1:15 pm - Two major budget watchdog groups in Washington, D.C. aren't pleased with the GOP tax bill, arguing it will only further increase the federal debt, and not restrain the size of government.

1:10 pm - The National Association of Home Builders isn't backing off its opposition to the details of the GOP tax plan, charging it will hurt the nation's housing industry.

12:54 pm - There is still work to do for GOP leaders in the House, as the fine print on the state and local tax deduction (SALT) is not winning over Republicans from the East Coast. This from Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY).

12:50 pm - Also underwhelmed is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who wanted a bigger increase in the Child Tax Credit.

12:46 pm - President Trump calls the release of the GOP tax plan "a great day" for the American worker. "A great bill," Mr. Trump added when asked for his opinion by reporters after an Oval Office event.

12:31 pm - The tax break that people can take advantage of when purchasing season tickets for college athletics would be repealed under the GOP plan.

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12:28 pm - The business provisions in this plan aren't enough for the National Federation of Independent Businesses, as they join the National Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Realtors in expressing opposition to the GOP tax reform bill.

12:22 pm - Here are some of the highlights of how personal deductions would change under the GOP tax plan:

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12:17 pm - President Trump weighs in on the GOP tax plan, calling it "another important step toward providing massive tax relief for the American people."

c9f363e5-975b-490e-9fb0-851508bbc08d{ "/Pub/p8/CmgSharedContent/2017/11/02/Images/WPIMAGE_cmgwsbradiojamiedupree_trump2453_14285.jpg?uuid=kG0OQjTOEemxKaMrYufZxg", "", "c828a6c6f39b47f4a2fb4002f1f844be" "image" "" }

12:15 pm - Many people probably don't know that the current federal tax code allows you to deduct certain gambling losses. That will still be allowed under the new GOP tax plan.

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12:08 pm - Federal estate taxes would be repealed in this tax reform plan, but not until the end of 2023.

c9f363e5-975b-490e-9fb0-851508bbc08d{ "/Pub/p8/CmgSharedContent/2017/11/02/Images/WPIMAGE_cmgwsbradiojamiedupree_tax130_14280.jpg?uuid=jyoVcDTOEemxKaMrYufZxg", "", "2395cd902490458baba3cf7813497715" "image" "" }

12:05 pm - By far, this is one of the most important documents on the GOP tax bill - what's known as the Section-by-Section Analysis. Have fun reading it!

12:02 pm - The GOP tax plan would end all future contributions to education savings accounts named after the late Sen. Paul Coverdell (R-GA). This has been a target of Republican tax plans in previous years as well, an effort to consolidate various education savings programs.

c9f363e5-975b-490e-9fb0-851508bbc08d{ "/Pub/p8/CmgSharedContent/2017/11/02/Images/WPIMAGE_cmgwsbradiojamiedupree_tax129_14277.jpg?uuid=jmoMCDTOEemxKaMrYufZxg", "", "0a0b677b5d8c47e58c35a04bce248d00" "image" "" }

11:57 am - This will get a lot of support from conservatives in Republican circles, as the GOP tax reform bill would no longer prevent churches and religious organizations from having to stay on the edges of the political arena.

c9f363e5-975b-490e-9fb0-851508bbc08d{ "/Pub/p8/CmgSharedContent/2017/11/02/Images/WPIMAGE_cmgwsbradiojamiedupree_tax128_14275.jpg?uuid=jmSTaDTOEemxKaMrYufZxg", "", "5f1d3e4cb6ba46658c36c6eaca11b47a" "image" "" }

11:55 am - There are all sorts of provisions to find in a 429 page bill. This one would assess a 1.4% tax on the investment endowments of private colleges and universities.

Jamie Dupree


Jamie Dupree

11:45 am - The GOP tax reform bill begins with individual rates, as one might expect.

Jamie Dupree


Jamie Dupree

11:39 am - The GOP news conference continues in the Ways and Means Committee, which deals with tax issues. And now we have the bill:

Jamie Dupree


Jamie Dupree

11:34 am - Signifying the importance of this bill, it will be given the highest priority bill number in the U.S. House. H.R. 1.

11:33 am - It will be interesting to dig into the details of the bill, and see just how closely it aligns with this Republican promise, to make the tax code much simpler, and allow taxpayers to file their returns on a postcard.

11:28 am - "The typical family of four will save $1,182 a year on their taxes," says House Speaker Paul Ryan, as he starts the announcement on the GOP tax reform bill.

11:20 am - A reminder that details do matter. And there will be a lot of details in this bill.

11:10 am - Some specifics are beginning to leak out from GOP leaders, even before the bill has been posted.

Jamie Dupree


Jamie Dupree

11:00 am - But not all conservative groups are opposed either. This from Freedom Works, which has spent a lot of time torturing the GOP leadership in Congress. This time, they are all in on tax reform.

Jamie Dupree


Jamie Dupree

10:45 am - Some conservative groups are on board - even before the details - while some are raising questions. This landed in my inbox from the group "Freedom Partners," which has ties to the Koch Brothers and conservative Republicans.

Jamie Dupree


Jamie Dupree

10:30 am - It's clear that this draft Republican bill will still see changes - maybe even before it's considered next week in the House Ways and Means Committee, as indications are that negotiations are continuing with a group of mainly northeastern Republicans, who don't like how the plan handles changes in the deductions for mortgage interest, state and local taxes, and property taxes.

10:23 am - Not every Republican is going to be on board with this bill.

10:15 am - This is what is being handed out to GOP lawmakers in a closed door meeting - what one might refer to as "talking points."

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  • ATHENS — Georgia football practice No. 2 is in the books, the Bulldogs still working to establish a new identity and new leaders. There weren’t many clues in the open portion of practice on Thursday, but Kirby Smart will talk on Saturday and provide more insight into how he sees the Bulldogs developing. The early sentiment is this UGA team could throw the ball more, but it won’t come at the expense of being able to run the football. DawgNation reporters give their early takes on how Georgia is evolving in what will be Smart’s fourth season at the helm. Mike Griffith & Chip Towers   Georgia football practice headlines Kirby Smart sheds light on James Coley’s ‘balanced’ philosophy J.R. Reed puts NFL dreams on hold for title run Georgia football injury updates, Zamir White status James Coley ‘likes to throw more’ than Jim Chaney Offensive line, Brian Herrien look the part Complete Georgia early enrollee roster numbers   The post WATCH: DawgNation observations from Georgia football spring practice No. 2 appeared first on DawgNation.
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  • ATHENS — Georgia has updated its roster to include all of the early enrollees football numbers with the Bulldogs this spring. The numbers are as follows: 2 QB D’Wan Mathis 4 LB Nolan Smith 7 DB Tyrique Stevenson 11 LB Jermaine Johnson 12 LB Rian Davis 13 QB Stetson Bennett 14 DB DJ Daniel 15 LB Trezmen Marshall 16 DB Lewis Cine 17 LB Nakobe Dean 60 OL Clay Webb 70 OL Warren McClendon 88 TE Ryland Goede 90 DL Tramel Walthour To recap, there were also number changes since last season: RB James Cook: No. 4, previously No. 6 WR Matt Landers: No. 5, previously No. 15 S Otis Reese: No. 6, previously No. 17 CB Divaad Wilson: No. 8, previously No. 16 OLB Azeez Ojulari: No. 13, previously No. 38 OLB Adam Anderson: No. 19. previously was No. 56 The post Complete Georgia football early enrollee roster numbers appeared first on DawgNation.
  • ATHENS — Georgia redshirt junior Ben Cleveland was back running with the first team at right guard during Thursday’s limited media window of observation. The Bulldogs’ offensive linemen looked to have noticeably better body builds than their counterparts on defense, more than one of which appeared to have a weighty issue. Indeed, there’s a reason why some believe Georgia has the best O-Line in the country. As expected, the players working first team were: LT Andrew Thomas, LG Solomon Kindley, C Trey Hill, RG Cleveland, RT Isaiah Wilson. If there was a surprise in the depth chart, it was seeing Jamaree Salyer working as the backup right tackle with Cade Mays tucked inside at right guard. Offensive line coach is likely doing that to build depth at tackle, as Mays would surely be the first man in at either of the offensive tackle positions should a starter go down. Clay Webb appeared to be the No. 2 center, while Justin Shaffer was No. 2 at left guard and D’Marcus Hayes was No. 2 at left tackle for the purposes of drills. RB observations The most impressive physical transformation appeared to be Brian Herrien, who looked every bit the part of the power back Georgia will need him to be. Herrien, the most impressive UGA back in the Sugar Bowl, is listed at 6-foot, 210 pounds but looked bigger. D’Andre Swift was running at the front of all the drills, while James Cook was No. 3 behind Herrien. DB observations New Georgia secondary coach Charlton Warren very loud and frenetic, chastising cornerbacks for “wasting too much time” when the next ups weren’t ready to go in drills. “We’ve got 8 minutes to get better, men!” he yelled. “Eight minutes. Now quit wasting time!” Junior Ameer Speed continues to work with cornerbacks. He had a cast on his left hand but it did not seem limit him at all. Former UGA QB in attendance Former Georgia QB Faton Bauta, now an assistant at Monmouth, was among coaches observing Thursday’s practice. The post Georgia offensive line looks the part, Brian Herrien built for power game appeared first on DawgNation.
  • ATHENS — Georgia coach Kirby Smart has said before he doesn’t think there are many secrets in college football. That’s probably why Smart opened up Tuesday practice to the Oregon coaching staff, according to OregonLive.com. The Ducks’ staff, led by former Alabama assistant Mario Cristobal, was in Tuscaloosa on Monday and Athens, Ga., on Tuesday to watch practice and visit with staff members. Smart was at Alabama as Nick Saban’s defensive coordinator for three seasons while Cristobal was there serving as the line coach. Georgia places heavy restrictions on the media presence at practice, even while opening up practice for the well-trained eyes of staff members they might ultimately face in the College Football Playoff or in a bowl game. That’s what happened in the Sugar Bowl, as Smart allowed Texas coach Tom Herman and his staff to attend the Bulldogs’ spring practices last year. “We took a trip out there this spring just to pick brains and talk shop a little bit,” Herman said leading up to the Longhorns’ 28-21 victory. Herman said when the Sugar Bowl matchup was announced that he didn’t see the Georgia run game as “anything too formidable.” The confident Texas coach proved correct against what was the SEC’s top rushing offense. The Bulldogs rushed for just   72 yards on 30 attempts after averaging 259.8 yards per game. Smart said his new offensive coordinator, James Coley, has been working to improve the offense and talked with other coaches. Chances are, Coley spoke with Cristobal about what the Ducks do on offense in addition to visiting other programs that Smart chose not to name. “We’ve been working on us and saying, okay, what can we do better, and I think James brings a lot of that to the table,” Smart said on Tuesday. “They’ve gone and visited with a lot of people to get new ideas.” The post One year after opening practice to Texas, Georgia allows Oregon to observe appeared first on DawgNation.