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DawgNation Daily: Behind-the-scenes for Brandon Adams and his 1,000 shows

DawgNation Daily: Behind-the-scenes for Brandon Adams and his 1,000 shows

DawgNation Daily: Behind-the-scenes for Brandon Adams and his 1,000 shows

DawgNation Daily: Behind-the-scenes for Brandon Adams and his 1,000 shows

Peyton Manning had his famous "Omaha" play calls. Brandon Adams starts his days with a specific play, too.

Bacon egg and cheese. Donut shop coffee. Kiss the wife.

"DawgNation Daily" became an instant fan favorite. We thought the occasion of the showrunner's 1,000th show would be a good time to share an insider's view of the program.

Let's first explain that play call. They are the staples of every Adams morning as he makes his way out the door to Cox Media Group Studios in Sandy Springs. He broadcasts the signature show every Monday-Friday for DawgNation.com.

  • Bacon + egg + cheese: Adams has a breakfast sandwich of this variety every morning. The bacon gets a few laps around the microwave. This takes place before his morning shower.
  • Extra bacon, egg and cheese Intel: The eggs are scrambled. The bacon cooks for 65 seconds and the cheese is Sargento.
  • "Donut Shop" coffee: "BA" is usually a two-cup guy. The first one usually goes down while he is the only one who's up at his house. Sources say he puts down two cups before he leaves and a third in transit to the studio. We've got an issue here. His local Sam's Club store seems to be running out of stock of his preferred brand.
  • Kiss the wife and hug the fam: He kisses his wife, Gina, and shares the same private sweet sentiment every day on his way out the door.

The football games that provide the source material for his shows split up into four quarters. That's what the aim of this missive is for today. Adams has quarters of his day that add up to his 1,000 shows.

That's why DawgNation thought it was time to shine a little light into the first, second and third quarters of his "DawgNation Daily" program.

Adams would rather a lot of these details remain private. But there's something here that folks need to know about the man and the work that goes into his daily program.

It is not the fact he was once an elementary school teacher. He was "Mr. Adams" before he started working his way toward the first name "BA" basis he enjoys now with his audience.

DawgNation Daily: Humble roots for a flagship program

The first quarter would be the family moments before he hops on Georgia state Route 400. His show combines the elements of sports talk radio with a live on-camera show with graphics and produced segments for the DawgNation video channels.

How did this all come about? Adams knew the Georgia faithful wanted to listen to more about UGA each day than just the snippets and morsels from ESPN, SEC Network and local sports talk radio.

They wanted 450 or so like-minded individuals around their water cooler at work. Adams also believed they also wouldn't mind it if that water cooler chat took longer than five minutes, too.

He was right. On both counts.

His first show was cobbled together with a sweat ton of ambition and inspiration. "DawgNation Daily" started as a podcast before it evolved into the Facebook Live video stream in February of 2017. It now also airs on Twitter and YouTube.

All told, the average show attracts somewhere between 15,000 to 25,000 daily viewers.

The very first one was in the closet of the master bedroom in his home. He converted that closet into a studio. A trip to Wal-Mart was required to get some foam to aid the acoustics in that makeshift studio.

There was one early show which will always be a happy memory. It was not the news of a 5-star recruit. It was when his son, Charlie, was playing downstairs. Somehow the sounds of him saying "Come on, Daddy" and "Let's go" got by all that Wal-Mart do-it-yourself soundproofing.

Young Charlie Adams was just ready to go on vacation.

Adams will rise sometime between 5 and 6 a.m. every morning. He'll read the news of the day and start work on his regular DawgNation blog posts that support his show and other elements.

At that point, he'll wake his wife, Gina, up and she'll cook him breakfast, including that Adams-household famous bacon, egg, and cheese.

If anyone wants to test the strength of their marriage, try asking your spouse to do the same every day.

He aims to leave at a certain time but rarely does. But he's usually on the road by 7:30 a.m. each day. When he does, he's got his eyes on the clock. The DawgNation morning conference call every morning takes place approximately exactly one hour before he goes on the air.

The target launch time is 10 a.m. for every DawgNation Daily morning. It will vary by the time it takes to cook 10 strips of bacon in his microwave every morning.

"He feels blessed," Gina Adams said. "Blessed. He is very grateful that he gets to do this daily."


DawgNation Daily: Behind-the-scenes for Brandon Adams and his 1,000 shows

DawgNation Daily: The 999 pregames that add up to 1,000

Connor Riley has been producing "DawgNation Daily" for over a year. He sees a specific side of Adams that few do.

That's before the red lights on those two robotic cameras in the DawgNation.com studios go on.

"His entire show is planned out in his mind as far as I know as soon as he steps into the building, "Riley said. "It is just so much putting it down on paper and getting the audio and visual clips he wants."

Mailing it in? Come out with something on the top and see how it goes? Something generic? Those choices would not get a man to 1,000 shows in front of DawgNation every morning.

Adams is never the most tech-savvy guy in the room. Pretty much in any room. That's why his desk sits in one row of cubicles and he shifts to a desk in another row behind him to print out the rundown for each DawgNation Daily. Why? That's the one connected to the printer. It has become a tradition by now.

"When he walks into the studio, he's not checking his hair or making sure everything needs to be where it is," Riley said. "The second he walks in, the red light could be on and he'd be ready to go."

He will line his show up with guests. Those usually consist of an anchor telephone interview. Those usually stretch around 10 to 15 minutes, unless you're the DawgNation recruiting guy.

Adams begins with a set eight-to-nine minute monologue on the headline topic of the day. That's the one which scrawls across phones to let viewers DawgNation Daily is on the air.

He's highly analytical and reads as much on Georgia football as anyone in that media space.There's also a special way he handles every sponsor read. It always flows naturally.

"As impressive as he is about talking with Georgia the stuff he does with sponsorship is he can look at it one or two times before the show starts," Riley said. "Not even necessarily do a practice read for it and it will come out like you think he has done it a thousand times."

Its been pizza. Or lawyers. Or a trade organization. Whatever it is, he synthesizes that information like he's breaking down a brewing QB controversy in Athens.

DawgNation Daily: Once the red lights go on

Adams is a private person and a creature of habit. He'd likely rather not see a lot of these details reach the internet.

But once the lights go on, his daily show is for DawgNation as much as anything else. It is everyone's 1,000th DawgNation Daily. There might even be a few folks who have heard all 1,000 of his shows.

With this, it is their turn to tell their side of things.

Miriam Martin Corbin (Marietta, Ga.) "It is so great to hear him voice many of the feelings we in Dawg Nation have, both good and bad. His down-to-earth, self-effacing approach makes him very relatable and I feel he is more of a friend than just a broadcaster. He always tries to be upbeat, even in our darkest moments and is as excited as I am during the golden times of winning."

Steve Burnett (Roswell, Ga.) " The reason I tune in to Brandon and DawgNation Daily is it is a true daily update for hardcore Georgia Bulldogs fans. There are obviously many podcasts and news sources out there but Brandon has connected as the Pied Piper of the DawgNation community. Whether it's reporting live from on the field at the Rose Bowl, at one of the Marlow's Tavern remotes or on the podcast Brandon keeps plugged-in fans tuned in to the biggest news in Georgia football at that moment."

Bob Hayes (Ball Ground, Ga.) "I've been a Georgia football fan for more than 50 years but DawgNation has been a big part of my life ever since I started listening to it. Every morning I can't even go workout in Forsyth County at One Life Fitness because I've got to make sure I listen to my 10 o'clock program before I even go work out. As far as I'm concerned, you guys ought to have a TV show. I get so excited when I get through listening to it that I want to run outside and get out on all fours and try to hit somebody. It is that good every day. It really is."

Mark Morris (Anna Maria, Fla.) "Absolutely the best. Superb. I watch him every day. It has been very rare that I get to listen to his whole live show. But every afternoon, I will turn it on and listen to it and watch. I just love it."

Bryce Dixon (Blackshear, Ga.) " The reason I tune into DawgNation Daily and Brandon Adams is it is where all the fans go if they want that special fix for Georgia football news."

Corbin: " I plan my day around listening to his show as much as I canHis show has created friendships I would have otherwise missed out on. "

Dixon: "His favorite spots are in Jacksonville talking about those stinky Gators. Or playing in The Rose Bowl. There isn't another show I'd rather watch talking about the Dawgs. Let's watch 1,000 more!"

Hayes: "You have no idea at my age how much of a joy it is to start the day off listening to ya'll. You have no idea how much you mean to my wife and I. It just starts the day off right and makes it seem real. It makes it seem life-like. Brandon makes it seem like we are right there on the practice field each day watching the Dawgs. I tell you, Brandon is the best."

Burnett: " Brandon presents UGA football news from the fan's perspective. As he says on DawgNation Daily, he's not there to present news from the objective media.' For example, when the Dawgs land a 5-star or lose a 5-star he speaks in the mindset of a UGA fan."

Morris: "I can't even describe how much he connects me to the team. Because I live in Florida. I'm out of the physical loop and he brings me back in. I feel like I'm living right next to Sanford Stadium."

Dixon: " He just has passion talking about (UGA) and he means it."

Hayes: "Both my wife and I are addicted to DawgNation' every day," he said. "We can't stop. When I can't get it on my phone or my iPad hers comes on before mine so I've got to listen to her phone first before I get mine going. It is just amazing every day with Brandon. It really is."

Morris: "I like it when Brandon just is himself. His self-deprecating humor. He talks about his gut. The bald spot on his head. Says things like This is a bigger word here than I should use' all the time. He just personalizes it with all his content."

Corbin: " I always try to find BA' at all the games, because I do consider him a friend. It is truly a blessing to have BA's show to tune in to during this magical time for our Dawgs."


DawgNation Daily: Behind-the-scenes for Brandon Adams and his 1,000 shows

DawgNation Daily: The view of an Atlanta broadcast pro

Matt Chernoff is a savvy professional broadcaster. His work on WCNN-AM's "680 The Fan" is closing in on his 7,000th show by now.

The co-host of the well-liked "Chuck and Chernoff" show can also call Adams a friend. There was a time when they were co-workers. He's heard Adams go from weekend shifts and other duties in the Atlanta sports talk radio market to his current work for DawgNation.

"I always thought he was ahead of like the sports radio curve," Chernoff said. "In other words, his creativity was always three steps further than we all were down the road. If that makes sense. We were all doing the general sort of boring sports talk radio (such as) who won the game and he was always developing topics. He always had a creativity that I've always loved and respected which made him a great listen."

Chernoff brought up two clear things with Adams: 1) He loves talking UGA and that's in his wheelhouse; 2) When a professional radio voice loves talking about a subject, it will come off sincerely to the audience.

"Brandon is a great listen," Chernoff said. "He's a fun listen. He's a light listen. He can attack serious topics and discussions in a way that it makes for the audience incredibly easy for a listen. It doesn't sound like he is trying to complicate things. I always think Brandon does that very well."

There will never be another Larry Munson. Scott Howard is a polished play-by-play man who has found his own space in Bulldog lore. But Chernoff feels Adams is carving his own space between the ears of the DawgNation faithful.

Chernoff feels Adams wins over his audience by not trying to make it sound like he knows more about football than he does a good bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

"You could be 18 or 88 and Brandon is going to make it interesting and relatable and enjoyable and entertaining," Chernoff said. "Talking recruiting. In the game. A coach's decision. Whatever it is. I don't think right now there's somebody in this market that's going to give it to you better than he is on all angles Georgia."

DND1,000: The CoolDown after every show

Adams enjoys his ability to connect with his audience through the thread of a love for all things Georgia.

He spends about 45 to 50 minutes of his show for his podcast, but a new wrinkle has emerged over the last 250 shows or so. It comes off the script.

That's the R.S. Andrews "Cool Down" segment where he directly engages his audience in whatever they want to talk about. Riley joins him in the interaction. Adams is so appreciative of the contributions made by Riley he even gives up some of his own air time and face time throughout his show.

"This is the time of our lives," Adams said recently to a group of more than 125 DawgNation fans who attended the recent "Dawg Days of Summer" preseason event at Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa in Young Harris last week.

He's very passionate about his show and his audience. The daily podcast will go on. No matter what happens with his show or whatever media property he works for.

There will be a daily podcast for DawgNation tomorrow. Of that, he is certain.

When he comes home, his children never know whether or not he had a great day. The last thing he will do is bring up Georgia football. That's because his day has been spent doing that all day. It could be the exact opposite of his audience.

"He comes in full of energy," Gina Adams said. "Even if he's Dawg tired. No pun intended. He's just a great Dad. He leaves work at work. I mean he usually does do some work at home but he usually separates that pretty well."

He'll likely crack his 2,000th show sometime in late August of 2023. Adams hopes Kirby Smart will have brought DawgNation at least one national championship by then. Maybe even two or three.

If all goes according to plan, the "Gator Hater Countdown" will also be knocking on the door of 2,500 days by then. The DawgNation team will never be quite sure which one of those feats might mean more to him.

Check out his 1,00th show below.

The post DawgNation Daily: Behind-the-scenes for Brandon Adams and his 1,000 shows appeared first on DawgNation.

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  • Drivers can look for traffic delays today in Oconee County. Crews are working on the traffic signals at the Oconee Connector’s intersection with Epps Bridge Parkway. From the Oconee County Government website… Work will be done on the traffic signal at Epps Bridge Parkway and the Oconee Connector beginning at 9 a.m. on Friday, August 16. There will be lane closures during this process. Motorists may experience delays at the intersection, and deputies will be present to help with traffic control. 
  • Georgia first-team preseason All-SEC selection D’Andre Swift was back for the start of Thursday practice after creating a stir by missing part of Tuesday’s workout. There was no indication that Swift is back in the No. 1 spot at tailback, however.  Senior Brian Herrien was the first tailback running through drill work, and redshirt freshman Zamir White took the first handoff in a team period.  Swift’s injury history is well-documented, though it’s worth noting much of it was hidden throughout much of last season.  It wasn’t disclosed until after the Auburn game in November that Swift underwent double hernia surgery in January 2018, leading to his limited action in the spring before his sophomore season.  Swift, who started the first four games last season before he was overtaken by Elijah Holyfield, has since admitted he was less than 100 percent at the start of last season.  “I was trying to save myself, I would say,” Swift said, explaining the mindset he brought into the 2018 campaign. “Not trying to push it too much where I would hurt myself.” Swift is one of the more explosive and dynamic running backs in the nation, but his durability has been questions by onlookers and NFL personnel. Even at 100 percent, Swift said he was carefully maintaining his body in fall camp. “I’m always in the training room. I live in the training room, so I’m ready to go and I’m ready to get to work,” Swift said last week. “Whatever workload the coaches throw at me, I’m ready for that workload.” Swift might have some work to do to get back atop the depth chart at his position, first. Here are five observations from Thursday’s practice, the 12th of the preseason: The eyeball test: White looked every bit as explosive and physically imposing in Thursday’s workout as Kirby Smart said he was in Saturday’s practice.  White, who suffered a torn ACL in the second scrimmage of Georgia’s 2018 preseason camp, is cutting sharply and with confidence. Sophomore James Cook appears noticeably bigger than his freshman season and was running third through drills behind Herrien and Swift on Thursday. Landers holding on: Sophomore receiver Matt Landers appears to be holding on to the No. 1 spot at the outside wideout position opposite senior Tyler Simmons.  Landers has been locked in competition with Miami grad-transfer Lawrence Cager, the two splitting repetitions with the ones throughout camp. Freshman George Pickens, who wowed spectators at the scrimmage with his one-handed catch, was back running at No. 3 wide receiver behind Trey Blount and Landers. Cager is lining up on Simmons’ side. Demetris Robertson continues to be the No. 1 slot, with Kearis Jackson and Dominick Blaylock behind him. Line dance: Georgia’s offensive line has remained healthy and intact to this point of the preseason, not a given considering the amount of live snaps they’ve endured. Isaiah Wilson was the only UGA lineman to start and finish every game last season, and he continues to run first team at right tackle.  Junior Ben Cleveland was running with the first team at right guard, Trey Hill was at center, Solomon Kindley at left guard and Andrew Thomas as left tackle. Thomas, Wilson and Kindley opened the season on the Outland Trophy Watch List. Injury returns: Cornerback Tyrique Stevenson, linebacker Nate McBride and tight end Ryland Goede were back at practice Thursday.  Stevenson was back in a limited capacity, held out of drills that required explosive movement. McBride was working with the inside linebackers. Fromm stays sharp: Quarterback Jake Fromm, who struggled in Saturday’s scrimmage, continued to be on the money during Thursday’s open viewing period. Fromm is hitting receivers in stride on each throw, markedly better than the other quarterbacks during the drill work. Smart no doubt took notice after calling out his first-team offense for a “lethargic” effort in Scrimmage 1 last Saturday. 
  • The Solicitor in Hall County says her office will continue to prosecute marijuana cases: this, after announcements from police in Athens and a prosecutor in Gwinnett County that potential confusion over marijuana testing will lead them, for now, to suspend marijuana arrests and prosecutions. At issue is a new Georgia law that legalizes hemp: the field test for marijuana doesn’t distinguish between marijuana and hemp. Hall County Solicitor Stephanie Woodard (pictured above) says marijuana cases will still be prosecuted in Gainesville. The Athens-Clarke County Police Department issued the following statement earlier this week…   In light of the unanticipated consequences related to the implementation of the Georgia Hemp Farming Act, signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp on May 10, 2019, the AthensClarke County Police Department (ACCPD) has provided direction to its officers concerning the handling of marijuana cases. The Georgia Hemp Farming Act legalizes the possession of hemp, which is nearly identical to marijuana in all aspects, with the exception being a lower percentage of THC in hemp (.3% or less) compared to higher concentrations of THC found in marijuana. The new law has raised concern because tests currently used by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab, as well as the ACCPD, only detect for the presence of THC and not for THC potency. Since current tests are unable to determine THC potency, they cannot distinguish between legal hemp and illegal marijuana. Therefore, the tests are no longer viable for use in prosecution of marijuana cases. The GBI anticipates having updated testing equipment in place by early September that will test for THC potency and be capable of distinguishing between legal hemp and illegal marijuana. The GBI, ACCPD, and other Georgia law enforcement agencies continue to evaluate testing equipment and other solutions that can be used at the local level. Until such time as updated testing equipment is acquired and certified for use, ACCPD officers will discontinue making physical arrests or issuing summonses for marijuana charges. Instead, officers will seize the suspected marijuana, place it into evidence, and will write the appropriate police report. Once updated testing equipment is acquired and in place at the GBI Lab and at the ACCPD, it is our intent that all suspected marijuana evidence that has been seized by the ACCPD will be tested and officers will seek warrants where the evidence is found to contain more than .3% THC.    “The ACCPD is working closely with the GBI, our District Attorney, and the ACC Solicitor General to monitor this situation, as well as to identify and implement solutions,” said ACCPD Chief of Police Cleveland Spruill. “We hope that viable alternative testing equipment can be acquired and put in place for use by our officers relatively soon.”    In the interim, ACCPD would like to remind citizens that possession, distribution, and trafficking of marijuana remains illegal in the state of Georgia and that marijuana laws will continue to be enforced by the ACCPD. 
  • Many students and families in rural Georgia who live more than 25 miles from a Peach State Tour location will be able to take a free, chartered bus provided by the University of Georgia to one of the college information events planned across the state from Aug. 19 to Sept. 5. UGA’s Office of Admissions staff teams up with their counterparts from Georgia State University and Georgia Tech each year for the Peach State Tour, when the three institutions hold information sessions in 23 cities and towns across Georgia. The free transportation provides an additional opportunity for students to attend one of these events, which are hosted within 50 miles of every Georgian. The President’s Office at UGA is providing funding for the free buses to encourage all interested students to attend a tour event and learn more about higher education opportunities in Georgia. “The University of Georgia aims to develop leaders who represent Georgia’s diverse population, including students from rural parts of our state,” said President Jere W. Morehead. “Providing free transportation to the Peach State Tour information sessions is one of the many ways we are helping these students gain access to the outstanding education offered at UGA.” Currently the university has finalized plans with 15 rural high schools to offer the free transportation to their students, and that list will continue to grow. This initiative builds on the university’s ALL Georgia Program, launched in 2018 to support enrolled students from rural communities with a network of resources and common experiences to help them succeed and graduate from the university. In its first year, the program was made available to about 4,200 students. “More than 85% of undergraduate students at UGA are from Georgia, and the university is committed to serving students and families all across our state,” said Patrick Winter, UGA’s associate vice president for admissions and enrollment management. “During our outreach efforts, we answer questions about UGA’s programs and application process, but we also provide information about the University System of Georgia and emphasize that with its 26 schools, there’s one that will be a good fit for everyone.” The Peach State Tour begins on Monday, Aug. 19 and ends on Thursday, Sept. 5, with free sessions throughout the state. It offers specific opportunities for students and their parents, as well as for high school counselors, and will answer questions about academic opportunities and the application process. Last year, nearly 6,000 students, parents and counselors attended one of the statewide Peach State Tour events. 
  • Demonstrators plan a weekend rally in Athens, with a protest calling for new gun control laws set for 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon at the Arch on Broad Street in downtown Athens.  From Ga Moms Demand Action… On Saturday, August 17, 2019, volunteers with Georgia chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, will gather at UGA Arch in Georgia in response to mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, as well as to honor the 100 Americans are shot and killed every day and hundreds more who are wounded. This is more than mass shootings; in recent weeks, gun violence has devastated Baltimore, Gilroy, Canoga Park, Newport News, Brooklyn and Chicago. This is a public health crisis that demands urgent action.  WHAT: A rally to honor the lives cut short by gun violence and demand common-sense gun reform. Volunteers will demand action from their senators to pass a strong federal Red Flag bill and legislation to require background checks on all gun sales. WHO:  Deborah Gonzalez, Host of Open Records Radio Show  Ivan Ingermann, Keep the G Gun Free  Charles Campbell, Athens Alliance Coalition   Mokah-Jasmine Johnson, Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement   Emma Jones, Volunteer, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America  WHERE: UGA Arch  Broad Street Downtown  Athens, Georgia  WHEN: Saturday, August 17, 2019 03:00 pm  About Everytown for Gun Safety Everytown is the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country with nearly 6 million supporters and more than 350,000 donors including moms, mayors, survivors and everyday Americans who are fighting for public safety measures that can help save lives. At the core of Everytown are Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Students Demand Action and the Everytown Survivor Network. Learn more at www.everytown.org and follow us @Everytown  About Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. Moms Demand Action campaigns for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families. Moms Demand Action has established a chapter in every state of the country and, along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Students Demand Action and the Everytown Survivor Network, it is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country with more than 5 million supporters and more than 350,000 donors. For more information or to get involved visit www.momsdemandaction.org. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MomsDemandAction or on Twitter at @MomsDemand  About Students Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Students Demand Action is a national initiative, created by and for teens and young adults, to channel the energy and passion of high school and college-aged students into the fight against gun violence. Students Demand Action volunteers work within their schools and communities to educate their peers, register voters and demand common-sense solutions to this national crisis. Together with Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Students Demand Action volunteers are part of a network of nearly 6 million supporters across the nation committed to gun violence prevention. For more information or to get involved visit www.studentsdemandaction.org.

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  • ATHENS Georgia football coach Kirby Smart revealed that freshman middle linebacker Nakobe Dean missed scrimmage because he was 'banged up,' but 'he's going to be fine, we think.' Dean backs up starting inside linebackers Monty Rice and Tae Crowder, but his strong spring camp has brought him great fanfare. WATCH: Kirby Smart breaks down spirited' Scrimmage Two The Bulldogs have had a healthy fall camp, the successful rehabilitation of redshirt freshman tailback Zamir White receiving the lion's share of media attention. Smart updated the health status of pivotal senior defensive linemen Julian Rochester (ACL) and David Marshall (foot) following Saturday's Scrimmage Two. ' Julian is coming off the ACL repair and he's practiced every day, (and) he does some periods with us and he does other periods with a trainer where he runs and gets his mileage up, not as much contact stuff,' Smart said. 'David does about 50 percent with us and 50 percent with a trainer. 'Julian and David are both older players, fourth-year players, who are not 100 percent. So we're trying to control their volume of reps, also giving the other guys reps. But they've practiced each day.' RELATED: 6 Georgia players who could use a strong Scrimmage Two Smart classified tailback D'Andre Swift, who was late attending Tuesday's scrimmage while receiving treatment, as 'fine.' 'D'Andre's been good,' Smart said. 'D'Andre's a leader in that group, he's very bright.' Swift's durability has come into question after he played through pain in the aftermath of double groin surgery in January of 2018, and foot and toe injuries during the season. Projected starting cornerback Tyson Campbell, who was injured in Scrimmage One, has been full-go all week and was a full participant in Scrimmage Two. Smart said quarterback D'Wan Mathis, who underwent emergency brain surgery on May 23, remains sidelined in contact drills and scrimmage. Walk-on Nathan Priestly remains the third-team quarterback behind back-up Stetson Bennett. Smart didn't specify the extent of practice that reserves Nate McBride (linebacker), Tyrique Stevenson (cornerback) and Ryland Goede (tight end). McBride missed the first scrimmage but returned earlier this week and did not appear to have any limitations. Stevenson was banged up in Scrimmage One and, while dressed out in full gear, appeared limited in Thursday's practice. Goede returned after missing a week's worth with a hand wrapped. 'We had a couple of guys who couldn't go today that haven't been able to practice some but, knock on wood, no major injuries,' Smart said. 'They're going to have (Sunday) off. Monday is going to be a light, light walkthrough.' Smart said the Bulldogs will focus on getting the team full strength as the opening game at Vanderbilt (Aug. 31) approaches. 'This is kind of where we say, okay, we've got to start getting them back, we've got to get recovery,' ' Smart said. 'We've got to get fluids. So when you have 48 hours, you can almost recover to a full extent and we're hoping to get everybody's legs back. You could see it today. 'The GPS says it. A guy that was running 19 (mph) is running 17. A guy that was running 21 is running 18, 19. They're hurting a little bit but part of that is mental toughness and the grit. They've been able to handle that.' DawgNation Georgia football fall camp Mark Webb's 'rough' start has proven beneficial Way-too-early Georgia road game rankings Could RB James Cook be biggest UGA surprise? J.R. Reed says Havoc Rate is out the roof' Zamir White hitting holes kicking and trucking' The post Georgia football injury update: Kirby Smart updates Nakobe Dean, senior D-Linemen appeared first on DawgNation.
  • ATHEN Kirby Smart was decidedly more pleased with Georgia football's second scrimmage of fall camp than its first. 'I thought we had a much more spirited scrimmage,' Smart said after his No. 3-ranked Bulldogs ran off approximately 135 plays at Sanford Stadium amid temperatures in the 90s. RELATED: Starters look for vindication in Scrimmage Two 'I thought both Ones units played better, which means the Two units probably didn't play as well,' Smart said. 'There were some explosive plays in the scrimmage, and I was proud of the competitive toughness.' Smart enters his fourth season as Georgia's head coach aiming for a national championship, having told the college football world that the 24-5 record his program has accumulated the past two years isn't good enough. That doesn't leave much margin for error, so Smart has leaned on himself, his staff and his players to buy into a 'Do More' mantra this offseason. RELATED: Fired-up Kirby Smart calls out lethargic' starters in Scrimmage One The first scrimmage last Saturday was characterized as 'lethargic' by the head coach, sending a message that players need step up or step out of the projected starting lineup. Smart made it clear his team responded in proper fashion, third-year quarterback Jake Fromm directing a more efficient passing game that produced more big plays. RELATED: 6 Georgia players who could use a strong Scrimmage Two ' Last scrimmage it seemed like a lot of the backs, the backfield, had some big plays,' Smart said, no doubt referring to a 50-yard TD catch by Zamir White in the first scrimmage. '(Saturday), it was the wideouts as a group. (Lawrence) Cager had one, .George (Pickens) had one, Tyler (Simmons) had one, Trey (Blount) had one.,' Smart said. 'We had several guys have explosive plays. Explosive to me is over 12, 13 yards. Kearis (Jackson) had a big one. So it seemed pretty balanced on the explosive plays.' Smart said the so-called Havoc Rate was down, an indicator the offensive units did a better job protecting the ball and avoiding tackles-for-loss in Scrimmage Two. Georgia will remain in training camp mode through the middle of next week, beginning to focus on season-opening (Aug. 31) opponent Vanderbilt on Wednesday. Georgia football coach Kirby Smart DawgNation Georgia football fall camp Mark Webb's 'rough' start has proven beneficial Way-too-early Georgia road game rankings Could RB James Cook be biggest UGA surprise? J.R. Reed says Havoc Rate is out the roof' Zamir White hitting holes kicking and trucking' The post WATCH: Georgia football coach Kirby Smart breaks down more spirited' Scrimmage Two appeared first on DawgNation.
  • ATHENS Georgia football coach Kirby Smart was setting a quick pace on Scrimmage Two day, his voice booming throughout Sanford Stadium via microphone and speakers. 'On the hop!' Smart commanded, leading his team into 7-on-7 drills that served as a warm-up for a more than 120-play scrimmage. The Bulldogs have some fine tuning to finish up before the opening game week arrives. Georgia, ranked No. 3 in the nation, opens the season at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday against Vanderbilt in Nashville. RELATED: 6 Georgia players who could use a strong Scrimmage Two Jake Fromm will enter his third season as the Bulldogs' starting quarterback. Fromm will need every bit of his experience to help meld an inexperienced receiving corps missing the top four pass catchers from a season ago. Fromm's struggles in Scrimmage One were well-documented. RELATED: Fired-up Kirby Smart calls out lethargic' starters in Scrimmage One Teammates said it went beyond the quarterback and throughout the entire first team offense. Senior tight end Charlie Woerner said last Saturday's 100-degree heat index contributed to the offensive struggles, suggesting players need to be mentally tougher. The heat index was 91 degree on this Saturday at the start of the scrimmage, and Fromm, for his part, was throwing darts in the warmups. Receivers Tommy Bush, Jaylen Johnson and Makiya Tongue had drops in the early part of practice. Meanwhile, Matt Landers, Demetris Robertson and Tyler Simmons continued to go first in the wide receivers group. Like the running backs, the receivers rotate, but it appears there's some semblance of a depth chart based on the consistency the players line up for drills at their positions. D'Andre Swift, who missed the start of practice on Tuesday, was dressed out for the scrimmage and appeared to be 100 percent. Smart will likely be asked about Swift's health following the Saturday practice. On defense, Azeez Ojulari appears to be holdingdown the top spot in the outside linebacker rotation and was a partnering will Walter Grant in warmups. Nolan Smith and Adam Anderson were working together behind them along with Robert Beal and Jermaine Johnson. Monty Rice and Tae Crowder have consistently been the first inside linebackers on the field through drill work, with Channing Tindall and Quay Walker with the twos. RELATED: J.R. Reed says defensive Havoc Rate out the roof' DawgNation Georgia football fall camp Mark Webb's 'rough' start has proven beneficial Way-too-early Georgia road game rankings Could RB James Cook be biggest UGA surprise? J.R. Reed says Havoc Rate is out the roof' D'Andre Swift returns, Brian Herrien first through drill work Skyrocketing Georgia ticket prices spiked by Notre Dame Zamir White hitting holes kicking and trucking' Jake Fromm working to gain chemistry with receivers The post Georgia football on the hop' for Scrimmage Two, starters look for vindication appeared first on DawgNation.
  • ATHENS Georgia football Scrimmage Two gives players to get dialed in and make yet another case for playing time at Sanford Stadium, some needing to impress more than others. Coach Kirby Smart said the first scrimmage was 'lethargic' and will be looking for improvement from the first-team offense and first-team defense. For that matter, the order of a few rotations may have shifted since the first scrimmage, particularly in the running back and receiver rotations on offense. The No. 3-ranked Bulldogs are just two weeks away from opening the season with a 7:30 p.m. game in Nashville against Vanderbilt. Smart was disappointed with the pass game, in particular, not surprising since QB Jake Fromm lost his top five pass catchers from a season ago. For all the 7-on-7 the team did the summer and throwing and catching after practice, getting a pass game into sync in 11-on-11 full scrimmage action is a different matter. No doubt, that's why more than one of the five players identified as needing a good scrimmage is part of the receiving corps. 5 players who need a good Scrimmage Two for Georgia 1. WR Matt Landers The redshirt sophomore appears to be running with the ones, ahead of Miami transfer Lawrence Cager. But if there's one thing we've seen from Smart and his coaching staff in the past, it's how quickly rotations can change in the receiving corps and secondary, where multiple players are used in each game. As fluid as the depth chart is, there's still a matter of pride earning the start. Landers has the talent to start, but he needs to continue to show the consistency in the second scrimmage. 2. WR Demetris Robertson Robertson had a strong sprig and looks to be in sync with Fromm as any of the receivers, but he's being pushed by redshirt freshman Kearis Jackson and true freshman Dominick Blaylock. Robertson didn't catch a single pass last season, juggling a ball thrown behind him out of bounds in one game. An illness kept Robertson out of the G-Day Game, so Bulldogs fans are ready to see the former 5-star prospect and FWAA Freshman All-American live up to the hype. 3. DL Malik Herring Is this talented junior defensive lineman ready to live up to his potential? A former Top 100 national prospect, Herring appears to have the athleticism to develop into a standout player, but for whatever reason, it hasn't happened to this point. For the Georgia defensive line to be at its best, Herring will need to practice and play with the sort of maturity the head coach is looking for in what may be the most pivotal position group on the team. 4. RB Zamir White White looked so good in Scrimmage One that the head coach turned the page on his comeback and started talking about the areas he needed to improve. White hasn't played in a real football game in more than a year and a half, and Smart indicated his pass blocking and ball protection would be priorities. It's possible the second scrimmage could also represent a psychological hurdle, of sorts, as it was in the second scrimmage of last fall the White tore his ALC in a non-contact incident while on special teams. 5. TE Eli Wolf The Tennessee transfer was less than 100 percent for Scrimmage One, so Saturday's opportunity to shine will be a big one for Wolf. Wolf had a strong offseason in the weight room and ranks as the fastest tight end in the group, and OC James Coley has praised him for his hands and route running Tennessee might have needed Wolf to play at 250 pounds because of the issues on its offensive line. But the former Ohio high school receiving record breaker fits perfectly into the slot left open by Isaac Nauta's early departure playing in the 235-pound range. Wolf is faster than Nauta, but can he show the same sort of consistency catching the football and carrying out blocking assignments? Scrimmage Two will hold some answers. 6. QB Jake Fromm Yes, even Jake Fromm needs to have a good day for the Bulldogs working in Coley's refined Georgia offense. Fromm's Saturday afternoon was so rough last week that Kirby Smart spoke for more than 16 minutes and said more than 2800 words without saying Fromm's name one time. Teammate Charlie Woerner blamed the heat, but it's a good bet Fromm blamed himself and watching film until his eyes fell out of his head. Fromm has been razor sharp in practice all week and will be determined to show out against the Bulldogs' deep and talented secondary. DawgNation Georgia football fall camp Mark Webb's 'rough' start has proven beneficial Way-too-early Georgia road game rankings Could RB James Cook be biggest UGA surprise? J.R. Reed says Havoc Rate is out the roof' D'Andre Swift returns, Brian Herrien first through drill work Skyrocketing Georgia ticket prices spiked by Notre Dame Zamir White hitting holes kicking and trucking' Jake Fromm working to gain chemistry with receivers The post 6 Georgia football players who need strong Scrimmage Two performance appeared first on DawgNation.
  • ATHENS Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm hasn't thrown the first pass of his junior season, but already, there's speculation on whether the third-year starter will be back for a senior campaign. Fromm's draft stock and the likelihood of several UGA underclass offensive lineman going pro has everything to do with the valid discussion. CBS sports moved a story on Friday discussing '12 QBs to keep your eyes on in 2019' The so-called 'Cream of the Crop,' per the article, are quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama and Oregon's Justin Herbert. RELATED: 5 Georgia players projected in first two rounds 2020 draft Fromm checks in under the category of 'Eyeing the first-round conversation' along with Stanford QB K.J. Costello. According to CBSsports.com author Ryan Wilson: 'Fromm doesn't have the athleticism or arm strength of Tagovailoa or Herbert, and he isn't a threat to run. He's a three-step-and-out thrower, accurate and timely on short routes, and shows good touch on intermediate routes. But it's also important to remember that is just 20 years old and entering Year 3 as the Bulldogs' starter he's going to continue to improve. By how much is the QB calculus that NFL teams will need to do. Fromm improved his completion percentage from 62 to 67 percent and his TD/INT from 24/7 to 30/6. He needs to be better in the face of pressure (of course, this applies to just about every quarterback on the planet) and consistently make better decisions, but Fromm has the tools to be a first-round pick.' ESPN analyst and former Alabama quarterback Jake Fromm recently predicted on SEC Network's 'Thinking Out Loud' program that the Georgia quarterback will return for his senior season and win the 2020 College Football Playoff Championship Game. 'I really like what Georgia brings back this year, (and) I think next year is their year,' McElroy said. 'So if I were to tell you the year they were going to win the national championship, I'd say 2020. 'Fromm will be a senior, they will still have one of the best offensive lines in college football and I feel like that defensive playmaker along the front four will maybe have grown into himself at that point.' DawgNation Georgia football fall camp Way-too-early Georgia road game rankings Could RB James Cook be biggest UGA surprise? J.R. Reed says Havoc Rate is out the roof' D'Andre Swift returns, Brian Herrien first through drill work Skyrocketing Georgia ticket prices spiked by Notre Dame Zamir White hitting holes kicking and trucking' Jake Fromm working to gain chemistry with receivers The post CBS NFL draft watch: Georgia QB Jake Fromm in first-round conversation' appeared first on DawgNation.