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Where does Jake Fromm already rate among Georgia’s all-time QBs?

Where does Jake Fromm already rate among Georgia’s all-time QBs?

Where does Jake Fromm already rate among Georgia’s all-time QBs?

Where does Jake Fromm already rate among Georgia’s all-time QBs?

Jake Fromm-UGA football-Georgia football

Could the following quote apply to Georgia junior QB Jake Fromm?

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Mark Twain gets the credit for it. But Google has Twain borrowing that phrase from British prime minister Benjamin Disrael for the record.

Is that in any way like Fromm and the talented backfields that Georgia has brought to bear over the last two seasons? Was that (mostly) Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and D’Andre Swift and an ascending O-line there?

How much credit should Fromm get for elevating the Georgia program since he took the reins in 2017?

The All-American candidate has a sterling 24-5 record in two seasons as the quarterback of record for Georgia. That mark will include the following contests which can be defined as being true degree of difficulty games:

  • 1 National Championship game against Alabama
  • 2 SEC Championship games
  • 1 Rose Bowl against a Heisman Trophy QB and a future No. 1 overall pick
  • 1 road game against a Top 10 team in Auburn
  • 1 road game against a Top 15 team in one of the SEC’s toughest venues at LSU
  • 2 Georgia-Florida games in Jacksonville
  • 1 Sugar Bowl against Texas

Of course, the record points to the Bulldogs owning a 4-5 record in those contests. Some draw the parallel to Fromm not being able to close out those big games. A truly great quarterback would do that, right?

That’s a popular topic to some. Yet they don’t apply the same logic to the other end of that argument.  If an elite run game actually carried the Bulldogs to those big games, why is Fromm’s resume saddled with not being out to close out those big ones?

Is he a first-round pick? The NFL scouting opinions do seem to vary. Of course, those talking parts are all highly subjective.

Opinions will vary across the Georgia fan base with that, too. Those “damned” statistics are a lot less subjective. Those are just cold hard numbers.

Check out the roll call of things that Fromm has done so far in the SEC in what should be the two worst years for any college quarterback. When placed against the backdrop of the greatest QBs in Georgia history, his stat profile already holds up with the best to ever play the position at Georgia.

That matter appears to be a lot less subjective.

Aaron Murray - Georgia football
Former Georgia QB Aaron Murray is clearly one of the program’s all-time greats at that position. (Jason Getz/AJC file photo)

SEC Titles

(Starting QBs that led their teams to this feat at UGA)

SEC championship QBs No.
Buck Belue (1980, 1981) 2
Johnny Rauch (1946, 1948) 2
*8 others (Jake Fromm and eight others 1

Fromm has put together two strong seasons, but the rest of his career remains to be seen. Perhaps the only proper statistical tool is to look at where Fromm stands compared to some of the all-time greats at Georgia after the first two years in Athens.

For the purposes of this exercise, some might send some four-letter words this way when they see Georgia greats like Zeke Bratkowski, Mike Cavan, Ray Goff, Andy Johnson, Johnny Rauch and Fran Tarkenton missing from this comparison.

The matter at hand is that 1980 national championship Buck Belue played in a different era of college football and his time was already 39 years ago. It is an even bigger leap for a lot of those all-timers.

Tarkenton only threw for 2,100 yards and 18 TDs in his three-year Georgia career after redshirting as a freshman. If someone was able to devise a formula to adjust those numbers to 2019 standards in the same manners we see with inflation, it would be an interesting find.

That said, there are a number of notable Georgia QBs who competed in the modern era of SEC football where it was no small thing to see a quarterback attempt 25 passes every Saturday afternoon.

It is a tough list. Georgia’s Mike Bobo, who only threw for more than 2,500 yards and 15 touchdowns one time in his career, does not even crack it.

Where does Fromm rank so far among the likes of Quincy Carter, David Greene, Aaron Murray, Matthew Stafford and Eric Zeier? ( NOTE: Murray and Greene had redshirt seasons before they emerged to claim the starting job.)


(after their first two seasons)

All-time UGA great QBs  Completions
Aaron Murray (2010-11) 447
David Greene (2001-02) 410
Quincy Carter (1998-99) 392
Jake Fromm (2017-18) 388
Eric Zeier (1991-92) 310
Matt Stafford (2006-2007) 229


(after their first two seasons)

All-time UGA great QBs  Attempts
Aaron Murray (2010-11) 745
David Greene (2001-02) 703
Quincy Carter (1998-99) 670
Matt Stafford (2006-2007) 604
Jake Fromm (2017-2018) 598
Eric Zeier (1991-1992) 544


(after their first two seasons)

All-time UGA great Yards
Aaron Murray (2010-11) 6,198
David Greene (2001-02) 5,713
Jake Fromm (2017-18) 5,376
Quincy Carter (1998-1999) 5,197
Matt Stafford (2006-2007) 4,272
Eric Zeier (1991-1992) 4,232

Completion percentage

(after their first two seasons)

All-time UGA great QBs  Pct. 
Jake Fromm (2017-18) 64.9%
Aaron Murray (2010-2011) 60.0%
Quincy Carter (1998-99) 59.0%
David Greene (2001-2002) 58.5%
Eric Zeier (1991-92) 57.5%
Matt Stafford (2006-2007) 54.5%

Won-loss record at QB

(as primary QB after their first two seasons)

All-time UGA great QBs  W-L
Jake Fromm (2017-18) 24-5
David Greene (2001-02) 21-5
Matt Stafford (2006-2007) 18-4
Eric Zeier (1991-92) 19-5
Quincy Carter (1998-1999) 17-7
Aaron Murray (2010-2011) 16-11

Touchdown-to-interception ratio

(after their first two seasons)

All-time UGA great QBs  TD/INT
Jake Fromm (2017-18) 54/13
Aaron Murray (2010-2011) 59/22
David Greene (2001-2002) 39/17
Quincy Carter (1998-1999) 29/15
Eric Zeier (1991-1992) 19/16
Matthew Stafford (2006-2007) 26/23

Average yards per attempt

(after their first two seasons)

All-time UGA great QBs  Completions
Jake Fromm (2017-18) 9.0
Aaron Murray (2010-2011) 8.6
David Greene (2001-2002) 8.1
Quincy Carter (1998-1999) 7.9
Eric Zeier (1991-1992) 7.8
Matt Stafford (2006-2007) 6.0

QB rating

(after their first two seasons)

All-time UGA great QBs  QBR
Jake Fromm (2017-2018) 165.2
Aaron Murray (2010-2011) 150.5
David Greene (2001-2002) 140.3
Quincy Carter (1998-1999) 134.3
Eric Zeier (1991-92) 128.0
Matt Stafford (2006-2007) 118.5
David Greene-UGA football-Georgia football
Former UGA great David Greene held the NCAA all-time wins record for a starting QB when he finished his career in Athens. That mark has since been broken.(UGA photo)

Enough with the statistics, right?

Sometimes smart folks can make them dance around or bend in whichever way to make a point. That critique might even apply here. The clear logical arguments are that Fromm has played on great teams, but it can be safely argued that Greene and Zeier played on some of the best ones of the last 40 years at Georgia during these sample size, too.

Georgia will also always have players. Especially skill players on offense to help a quarterback move the ball and score points. It can even be said that every one of this quarterbacks on this listing has played with an all-time great WR at Georgia during one of their first two seasons.

The same cannot be said about Fromm.

With all of that, there is another metric worth a visit here. We can scan names like Greene, Murray and Stafford and yet none of those columns were able to show off their best years as Bulldogs.

What were their best seasons like? How do those compare to what DawgNation has seen out of Fromm? That will be our last task here. ( NOTE: When scanning these numbers it is important to consider that Carter and Zeier both competed in the world of 11-game regular seasons.) 

QB rating

(Career season)

All-time UGA great  QBR
Aaron Murray (2012) 174.8
Jake Fromm (2018) 171.3
Matthew Stafford (2009) 153.5
David Greene (2004) 148.4
Eric Zeier (1993) 148.3
Quincy Carter (1998) 140.1

Touchdown-to-Interception ratio

(Career season)

All-time UGA great  TD/INT
Jake Fromm (2017) 30/6
David Greene (2004) 20/4
Aaron Murray (2012) 36/10
Quincy Carter (1999) 17/6
Eric Zeier (19993) 24/7
Matt Stafford (2008) 25/10

Average yards per attempt

(Career season)

All-time UGA great  QBR
Aaron Murray (2012) 10.1
Jake Fromm (2017 and 2018) 9.0
Matthew Stafford (2012) 9.0
Eric Zeier (1992) 8.7
David Greene (2001) 8.6
Quincy Carter (1998) 8.0

Completion percentage

(Career season)

All-time UGA great Pct. 
Jake Fromm (2018) 67.4%
Aaron Murray (2013) 64.8%
Eric Zeier (1993) 63.3%
Matt Stafford (2008) 61.4%
Quincy Carter (1998) 60.7%
David Greene (2003) 60.3%

Passing yards

(Career season)

All-time UGA great Yards. 
Aaron Murray (2012) 3,893
Matthew Stafford (2008) 3,525
Eric Zeier (1993) 3,525
David Greene (2003) 3,307
Jake Fromm (2018)  2,761
Quincy Carter (1999) 2,713

For those who feel the ultimate arbiter of a quarterback is leading his team to championships, then Fromm is only one of four quarterbacks in history to steer the Bulldogs to a final game which went on to determine the national champion.

A closing opinion on Jake Fromm

This seems the time to offer up to address the “game manager” label with Fromm. CBS lead analyst Gary Danielson went to great lengths to debunk that topic prior around the SEC Championship Game last December.

That term is overused in football today. A “game manager” applies to a quarterback who guides their team with effective play. They will offer up overwhelming physical tools and are a part of teams where a stifling defense and an impressive ground game is leaned on to win the big ones.

That signal caller isn’t asked to do more than protect the ball and preserve field position. For those that have been watching, that is not the way that Fromm has operated at Georgia.

The ball he completed to Riley Ridley for a touchdown against Alabama in the 2018 SEC Championship contest is an indicator of that. His stat line (25-of-39 for 301 yards, 3 TDSs, O INTs) from that night against Alabama is another clear example.

Fromm has been a “win manager” more than anything else. The “game manager” will play smart and efficient football but is limited when they are forced to make a play. The execution is not there to build a game plan around them. That’s why their coaches don’t ask them to do too much.

The “win manager” term points to a guy who does all the things that can beat a team but doesn’t have the offensive coordinator ready to eat his visor in the booth. That guy can win a game with his arm and the way he breaks down a defense.

It also seems likely a “game manager” archetype would not possess the skill set to send two players with more of those classic NFL first-rounder physical tools to the transfer portal. There is no stat column for that, but Fromm has also achieved that, too.

The post Where does Jake Fromm already rate among Georgia’s all-time QBs? appeared first on DawgNation.

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  • From the Athens-Clarke County Government website... The Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department will suspend garbage, recycling, and leaf & limb collections on Monday, May 27, 2019 in recognition of the Memorial Day Holiday. If you have residential service & commercial service with us outside of downtown and your pickup day falls on Monday, May 27, 2019, your collection will be delayed by one day. For example, Monday will be serviced on Tuesday and Friday serviced on Saturday. We will resume our normal pickup schedule on Monday, June 3, 2019. Please make sure your trash and recycling roll-carts are out on the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your altered service pick up day. If you have commercial or residential service with us and are located within the Downtown District your service will be picked up on the regular schedule. Annually, the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department will alter collection service for the following holidays - New Year's Day, MLK Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Chris
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  • Today is a mid-term day at UGA: it is the midpoint of the University of Georgia’s May session classes. This is also the last day to withdraw from the University of Georgia’s May classes. The Board of the University of Georgia Athletic Association is holding its annual spring meeting on St. Simons Island.  From Tim Hix, UGA Sports Communications... Reports by University of Georgia President Jere W. Morehead, J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Greg McGarity, and an update on current and future facilities projects highlighted the first day of the UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors annual spring meeting here Thursday. Also on the first-day agenda was a special presentation, led by Deputy Director for Athletics Darrice Griffin, which described in detail the key objectives in the areas of student-athlete experience, compliance, community and academic success. Also presenting were Executive Associate AD Will Lawler (Compliance) and Deputy AD Magdi El Shahawy (Academics and Student Development). In his report, McGarity called attention to a number of athletic successes in the past year, some of which remain ongoing in post-season competition. In particular: • The baseball team, under head coach Scott Stricklin, is headed toward its second straight NCAA Tournament berth. • Other teams whose seasons are still in progress include the men’s golf, and track & field squads. • Also praised by McGarity for their successes were the Gymnastics, Equestrian, Football, Women’s Tennis and Softball teams, as well as the Men’s Basketball program, whose highly-rated recruiting class has generated much excitement in advance of the 2019-20 season. Deputy Director for Operations Josh Brooks updated the Board on three facility projects including: • The UGA Equestrian complex in Bishop, Ga., which will include meeting, sports medicine and locker rooms, as well as coaches’ offices, is projected for a September 2019 completion. • Construction of the new grandstand at the Magill Tennis Complex has begun. Completion of this project is scheduled for February of 2020. • UGA is currently in the midst of the schematic and conceptual design phase of the Butts-Mehre expansion and renovation project. Retired UGA professor Bill Barstow gave a presentation on the ‘’SilverDawgs,’’ a year-old hospitality group that he helped organized and still directs. The group is comprised mostly from UGA’s chapter of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), and provides assistance to visitors at various on-campus events, including home football games, UGA commencement and other athletic contests. Barstow said the group — the idea of which was borne from a similar group that received visitors at the 2017 UGA football game at Notre Dame — had grown from its initial membership of 30 to the current total of 100 for the 2019 football season. In other first-day Board activity, Faculty Athletics Representative David Shipley presented the academic report. His remarks included the following highlights: • The men’s cross country squad compiled a 3.44 GPA for Spring semester, the highest among all Bulldog athletic teams. • The Georgia Volleyball and Men’s Basketball programs received public recognition for having Academic Progress Rates (APR) that placed them among the top 10 percent nationally for their sports. • Ninety-seven student-athletes received their degrees at Spring commencement on May 10. Day two of the annual meeting on Friday will include reports from the Student Wellness Committee, the board’s student representatives and a review of the fiscal year 2020 budget, as well as a fundraising update from Deputy AD Matt Borman.
  • The Corps of Engineers says the West Bank Day Use Park and the Sawnee Campground on Lake Lanier will remain closed through the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The Corps is still working to repair damage from flooding earlier this spring.    The Sawnee Campground at Buford Dam is scheduled to reopen next month. Lake Lanier is expected to be extra busy through the Memorial Day weekend.
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Bulldog News

  • ATHENS — Georgia freshman quarterback D’Wan Mathis underwent emergency surgery at Piedmont Hospital in Athens on Thursday to remove a cyst that was on his brain. Mathis, an early enrollee from Oak Park, Mich, had experienced severe sinus pain brought on by the change in climate, according to his father, Terence Mathis. The sinus issue factored into the cyst. “I want everyone to know my son is OK and will be back better than ever because of Coach (Kirby) Smart and the University of Georgia medical staff and coaching staff,” Terence Mathis told DawgNation on Thursday night. “The procedure today was a success, and I want to thank Coach Smart and Georgia for the way they treated my son and my family through all of this. Coach (James) Coley is at the hospital with my son right now, in fact.” D’Wan Mathis was in ICU on Thursday night as a precaution, Terence Mathis said. There will be a follow-up procedure, but Terence Mathis’ understanding is that it’s more routine in nature. “D’Wan’s mother, aunt and stepmom is down in Georgia at his side,” Terence Mathis said. “Please help us pray for a speedy recovery. It’s not about football right now, it’s about the DawgNation Family we have in Athens.” Mathis signed with Georgia in December after learning that Ohio State was recruiting UGA backup Justin Fields. Mathis completed 15 of his 28 attempts for 113 yards in the game. He also provided one of the biggest highlights of the spring for the Bulldogs when he caught a double-reverse pass for a 39-yard touchdown from fellow receiver Matt Landers. RELATED: D’Wan Mathis turns heads at G-Day The former 4-star prospect rated as the nation’s No. 11 pro-style prospect on the previous cycle for the 247Sports Composite ratings. That made him the nation’s No. 311 overall recruit. Mathis status for fall drills in unknown. The Bulldogs’ other scholarship quarterbacks are junior college transfer Stetson Bennett IV and All-American candidate Jake Fromm. DawgNation will update this story as more details become available. The post Georgia freshman QB D’Wan Mathis in ICU, recovering from brain cyst surgery appeared first on DawgNation.
  • ST. SIMONS ISLAND — Georgia football is way ahead of the game when it comes to bringing in money for 2019. The Bulldogs already had collected $33 million in ticket revenue as of April this year as compared to $21.4 million by the same time last year, according to the 2019 treasurer’s report. That report was given to the Georgia Athletic Association’s board of directors at the annual end-of-year retreat, which is being held this year here at the King & Prince Resort. That increase is attributed to having a seventh home game this season as well as last year’s ticket price increases, according to board treasurer Ryan Nesbit. Georgia reports $29.6 million in actual ticket contributions, which exceeded the budgeted amount of $28.5 million. Expenses will also be up slightly to $5.3 because of the extra game and an ever-expanding support base. “When you have home games with Notre Dame and Texas A&M, that helps,” UGA President Jere Morehead said. “Our athletic fundraising has been exceptional this year, so I want to commend Greg McGarity and (director of development) Matt Borman and everybody involved,” President Jere Morehead said told the board during his report to open the meeting. Georgia did not reveal its budget for the coming fiscal year, but it is expected to set another record. That has been the case in each year since the advent of the SEC Network bolstered the league’s revenue distribution program. League members received an average of $43.1 million from the SEC in the revenue distribution, which divides profits equally between the 14 members plus the conference headquarters in Birmingham. Last year, the board raised Georgia’s average football ticket price from $50 to an average of $66.42 per game, on a two-tiered system. Games against Tier 1 opponents such as SEC and Power 5 opponents cost $75 per game. Games against Tier 2 opponents are $55 per game. That does not include the required donation for the right to purchase those tickets. Georgia’s budget was more than $143 million last year. It’s expected to approach $150 million this year when it is presented to the board for approval during Friday’s meeting. The Bulldogs approved the architects for its football facility expansion but provided few details beyond it will be started as soon as possible. Morehead used a portion of his opening marks to congratulate McGarity, Georgia’s athletic director, and his administration “for a fantastic year whether it be fundraising or on the competitive field of play.” “We’re continuing to see a great deal of success and accomplishment on and off the field,” Morehead said. The board responded with applause, which is unusual for these proceedings. Seventeen out of UGA’s 21 sports competed in NCAA postseason play this year. That includes baseball, men’s golf and track and field, which are currently active in postseason play. McGarity received a $25,000 raise last year to a salary of $700,000. He has chosen to work on year-to-year contracts going forward. Fifty-six percent of 511 student-athletes recorded a GPA of 3.0 or better in spring semester, according to faculty athletics rep Craig Shipley. That’s below the athletic department’s stated goal of 65 percent but above the national average. Twenty-seven athletes recorded a perfect 4.0 GPA. Men’s cross country led all sports with a 3.44 GPA. Georgia Athletic Association’s is called to order moments before conducting its final meeting of the 2019 Academic Year in the Retreat Room at the King & Prince Resort on St. Simons Island. (Chip Towers/DawgNation)   The post Georgia football is raking in revenue at record rate for 2019 season appeared first on DawgNation.
  • MACON — As the marquee outside the Hargray Capitol Theatre boldly stated to passers by on Second Street, it was the Kirby Smart and Tom Crean Show here on Monday. The Georgia Bulldogs Club’s annual Coaches Caravan made its first stop here in Central Georgia Monday night and it was a quick one. Smart spoke for 7½ minutes and Crean for about twice that before a gathering of a couple or few hundred fans. There was no question-and-answer opportunity for the fans, which typically produces the most entertaining exchanges. No salvos were sent back Florida’s way. Before the program, the coaches did give the local press and team beat writers about 10 minutes for a Q&A backstage. After that, the coaches and an entourage of officers from UGA’s development office led by director Matt Borman adjourned for a private dinner with donors. The group will repeat the process Tuesday night in Augusta. Then that will be it for a while. There was very little in the way of hard news that came out of the session. The most pertinent was that all Bulldogs, current and incoming, are expected to meet academic eligibility requirements. That’s particularly refreshing considering Georgia had “a number of guys” who were sweating out spring semester grades, according to Smart. Other nuggets to come out of the 90-minute affair: Smart said no players other than linebacker Jaden Hunter are currently in the transfer portal. “None that I can think of,” Smart said. Smart congratulated Vince Dooley and praised the university for naming the field after him. “Who better to do it for than for a man who gave his life to the university and did a great job,” Smart said. We’re probably not going to see a lot more of outside linebacker Walter Grant at running back. “A lot of it will depend on the freshmen coming in, Kenny (McIntosh), and other guys at the position and how we feel, and outside ‘backer depth, too,” Smart said. “It was an insurance policy at best. It was kind of a research project to see what he can do.” Crean said he remains in constant contact with sophomore Nicolas Claxton as he works out for NBA scouts and he attended all his events at the NBA combine last week. He interjected that Claxton “could be a lottery pick” if he returned. Crean also said that he expects to sign another player before next season. Headlines from Coaches Caravan QB Jake Fromm will have more ‘offensive input’ in 2019 Kirby Smart expects all players, incoming and otherwise, to be eligible RB Zamir White on pace to be cleared for preseason camp Georgia fans flock to Macon landmark to hear from Kirby Smart           The post VIDEO: Kirby Smart, Tom Crean update fans on Georgia Bulldogs during ‘Coaches Caravan’ appeared first on DawgNation.
  • CORAL GABLES, Fla. — Incoming Miami grad-transfer receiver Lawrence Cager had the unique experience of getting to know both Kirby Smart and Mark Richt as head coaches the past few years. Smart has elevated Georgia football into an annual national championship contender in his three years leading the program. RELATED: Kirby Smart ‘proud’ to have worked for Mark Richt The Bulldogs played in the College Football Playoff Championship Game after he 2017 season, and narrowly missed making the CFP last season in controversial fashion. Smart coached a season under Richt at Georgia in 2005 and inherited a program on solid footing in 2016. WATCH: Mark Richt praised by rivals Saban, Spurrier, Fulmer Richt was was 145-51 over his 15 seasons at Georgia, his .740 winning percentage second only to Smart’s .762 (32-10). The differences in the disposition of Richt and Smart, Cager indicted, are like fire and ice. “Kirby was an All-SEC performer, so he can relate to you and he’s a player’s coach, he’s a guy you want to play under,” Cager said. “He gets fired up, just like coach (James) Coley.” Coley is the offensive coordinator at Georgia under Smart. But on the front end of Cager’s career, he recruited against his current boss, back when Smart was the defensive coordinator at Alabama. Cager began his career at Miami in 2015 with Coley calling the plays under then-Hurricanes’ head coach Al Golden. But then Golden was fired midway through the season, and Richt took over the Miami after being let go from Georgia following he 2015 season and returned to his alma mater to coach the Hurricanes from 2016-2018. Cager said Richt was much more reserved than what he’s seen from Smart. “With Coach Richt it was like, ‘We’re here to do this and that and handle business,’ ” Cager said. “It wasn’t like, ‘Let’s turn it up!’ Kirby will say ‘Let’s turn it up on them!’ “Coach Richt was more like, ‘Look, we are coming here, it’s Florida State, we know what we have to do, we need to line up and beat them.” Cager said the 43-year-old Smart is personable and comes across as being more invested emotionally than the 59-year-old Richt, who delivered messages in businesslike, matter-of-fact tone. Miami hired Richt to replace Golden after Cager’s freshman season. Cager said most of the players on the Miami football team had a pretty good idea Richt would be the Hurricanes next head coach. “Once Georgia let go of Coach Richt, this is his alma mater and his name kept coming up so we all thought we will hire him,” Cager said. “Once we heard it was us or Virginia, we knew for sure.” Richt changed the culture immediately, Cager said. “Golden came in here from Temple, he was more laid back,” Cager said. “Richt changed everything. We used to wear anything we wanted to practice, but then Coach Richt came in and wanted everyone uniform. It was old school, everyone would look the same, no earrings, the little stuff. “It helped a lot of people in the end. He’s a great guy. We were focused on winning championships, but his mentality was we are here to bring the swag back and it’s all about business.” Now it’s Cager who is all about business. The 6-foot-5, 218-pound receiver is expected to challenge for a starting spot immediately in the Bulldogs’ young receiving corps. DawgNation in South Florida Kenny McIntosh draws comparisons to Sony Michel, Jordan Scarlett Lawrence Cager eager for Georgia touch down ’The Blueprint,’ championship plans for South Florida star The post Fire and ice: Incoming Miami transfer compares Kirby Smart to Mark Richt appeared first on DawgNation.
  • MACON — Jake Fromm grew up and played high school ball 19 miles from the famous Hargray Capitol Theatre in downtown Macon where Kirby Smart was Monday. Fromm’s mother, Lee, works as a nurse in the Coliseum Medical Center, just a mile away across the Ocmulgee River. The Fromm’s family hunting lease is just 19 miles the other side of the hospital over in Plum Creek. So Jake Fromm is a big deal around. Then again, Fromm is pretty much a big deal everywhere these days. So Smart, here to speak at a small gathering of Georgia fans and Georgia Bulldogs Club members, dutifully acknowledged his quarterback and the many other Central Georgia players who dot the Bulldogs’ roster. “We’ve gotten a lot good players from here,” Smart said at the opening of his brief remarks before a crowd of a few hundred. “The guy who takes a snap from center and the guy who snaps it.” Fromm, obviously, is the player who takes the snaps. Trey Hill, who was Fromm’s teammate at Houston County High in Warner Robins, is the center snapping the ball to him. Hill played left tackle most of the time in high school, but did have occasion to snap to Fromm every once in a while. But now he’s the one replacement on Georgia’s heralded offensive line. He must replace graduated senior and NFL draft pick Lamont Gaillard. About that, there’s some question. About Fromm, there is none. The 6-foot-2, 225-pound junior is considered a All-America candidate and Heisman Trophy as the Bulldogs head into their fourth season under Smart, once again as a Top 5 team. Fromm does so having played in every game, starting all but one and in position to set the school’s all-time record for completion percentage. This year, Fromm will be operating under a new offensive coordinator. James Coley succeeded Jim Chaney in the role after taking over as quarterbacks coach last year. Smart thinks that is a good thing. “I think we’ve got some more quarterback guys around him with Coley working with him and he’s excited about that,” Smart said. “For him, it’s been a transition through the coordinator position where he’s kind of a sponge, he’s got more of an opinion now. He understands what we’re trying to do offensively.” Fromm has completed 64.8 percent of his passes for 5,364 yards with 54 touchdowns and 13 interceptions at this point. The thought is the Bulldogs will throw the ball more under Coley, who did that as coordinator at Miami and Florida State. Smart believes Fromm can handle whatever Coley can dish out, and will also have a say-so on what the Bulldogs do as well. “Any time you’ve got a three-year starter,he can give you input on things he likes about the offense, things he dislikes and things he thinks he can be successful,” Smart said. “That input is helpful, it’s always helpful.” The post Kirby Smart expects QB Jake Fromm to have more ‘offensive input’ in 2019 appeared first on DawgNation.