On the advice of my primary care provider, I exercised almost immediately after each dose of the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine, which I was told would help work the vaccine immediately into my bloodstream and system. It worked.

When the British Empire lost face and their own wars in Afghanistan, the first of those in the 1840s, known in the U.K. as ‘The Disaster in Afghanistan,” the then world-dominating British empire fought a ragtag bunch of Afghani rebels, seeking to undo the British re-establishing an unpopular Emir to lead the then Emirate of Afghanistan.

So for my many Libertarian and more conservative friends who think I may have ‘lost it’ in recent years, the West Coast still remains the Left Coast for me, but on occasion, they do get things right.

Though each generation may have their favorite sitcom or TV show, there are a few like Friends, which attracts viewers transcending across multiple generations, since the program first aired on NBC in 1994, and for the 10-rating topping seasons which followed.

It was the worst of times, it was the most dangerous of times. Violent crime is at or approaching 50-year highs in large population centers all across the United States.

An extended eviction and foreclosure moratorium, put in place by the CDC during this lengthy pandemic will expire on July 31, 2021. The scope of pending rental evictions and foreclosures for non-payment of lease/rent and mortgage payments is unprecedented.

On a rolling hillside, overlooking the Potomac River and in the distance the great Mall of Monuments, the U.S. Capitol, and even the White House lie more than 1100 acres of some of the most hallowed and consecrated grounds in these United States, Arlington National Cemetery.

Yes, bad cops and police brutality do exist. More peace officer training in de-escalation and alternatives to the use of force is warranted and a prudent measure. But so would be addressing lingering issues like low law enforcement pay and the education entry-level requirement in many jurisdictions being only a high school diploma.

President Biden is trying to guide the automotive sector towards no longer selling gas guzzlers to an arbitrary yet still moving target date between 2025 and 2030. However, there are some rather conspicuous dirty little problems in making that leap.

Not much more than one month into this pandemic, millions of American were losing their jobs or going from full to part-time, under-employed, to unemployed, and increasingly…self-employed.

As I watched north Georgia and much of the southeast over-react last week to a spot fuel shortage, largely driven by consumer behavior and hoarding, it struck me that our society as it exists today, probably would not survive the multiple challenges and difficulties of the Second World War, or the rationing and shared community sacrifices of the Great Depression.

For the third time in as many months, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was holding a press conference, to acknowledge the tragedy of another child killed, this time among the crossfire of 20 shootings in just one Atlanta weekend.

As this column is being written, the U.S. House is again expected to pass, along party lines, a $1.9 trillion Corona Virus Stimulus and Aid package, which will hopefully mean some economic relief and assistance in the near term for individuals and small businesses, as well as local and state governments and boards of education, struggling with challenged revenue streams and increased costs directly related to the pandemic.

Now another weather-created maelstrom has literally frozen much of the commonwealth of Texas for over a week. And though this frosting literally has hundreds of thousands of Texans turning a bit chilly and blue in their energy-free homes, the Red state is getting heaps of derision.



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